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Online Communication

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Interim marketing & communication management
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Graphic Services

(re-)branding • Logo design • Stationary • Brochures • Catalogues • Print Production

Can it be more graphical?

A graphic design should above all be catchy. And it must fit the corporate identity and mission of your company. Design is an art in itself, which is why equipo-M only works with highly experienced creative designers.

What's in a print?

We don't just stop at creating your document; we can also take care of printing it: 100% quality printing at affordable prices. We will gladly provide you with a quote for any project you can imagine. A selection of our graphic designs:

  • Logos and branding
  • Corporate identity supports (letterheads, business cards, quotation folders...)
  • Advertising (print, outdoor, online media)
  • Websites, digital newsletters
  • Brochures, flyers, annual reports

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

For pure DTP work you've also come to the right address at equipo-M. Laying out Dutch and other language texts in template documents, or preparing advertisements and newsletters? We're happy to lend a hand.



Brandnames • Baselines • Newsletters

Goosebumps moment

A slogan that moves you. A text that gives you goosebumps. Or an advertisement headline that makes you want to read further. equipo-M offers all these things. Our copywriter knows exactly how to create texts that are perfectly in line with the message, communication medium and design. In addition to text advice (writing or editing) equipo-M also delivers A to Z text writing services. We write your texts for advertisements, advertorials, websites, brochures, annual reports, leaflets, flyers and direct mailings, among others.



Direct Mailings • Printed Media • Photography • Packaging POS • Advertising Campaigns • Signage

Time for advertising

It's easy to forget it sometimes, but advertisements or Direct Mailings don't necessarily have to be annoying. Everything hinges on a strong concept that perfectly fits the strategy of your brand or product. Preferably illustrated by amazing images by a photographer who knows the briefing through and through. This kind of advertisements and Direct Mailings are the ones we like here at equipo-M. Don't you?


Online Communication

Websites • Domainnames & webhosting • e-mailing campaigns • Search Engine Optimisation • Search Engine Advertising

All roads lead to... your website

The importance and share of online marketing are rising constantly. Your site is more than ever your company's showcase. How can you make your business appear higher in search engine results? How can you attract more visitors? And, once on the site, how will visitors find information quickly and easily? Afterwards you would also like to see visitors come back regularly and exchange information efficiently such as requesting forms, purchasing products, registering for newsletters...

equipo-M, specialist in:
  • Webdesign & -development
  • Domain names & webhosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA), for example through Google Adwords
  • Online advertising, bannering
  • E-mail marketing
  • Use of social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook...)

equipo-M works together with specialised partners for internet marketing too.



Interim marketing & communication management • Research • Strategic advice • Communication & PR advice • Marketing strategy, - development & - implementation • Database Management •Intellectual Property

Temporary Marketing & Communication support

If you have a temporary lack of marketing potential, or if you are looking for specific communication knowledge for a project, we can lend a hand. For as long as you find it necessary. 'In house' at your organisation or from equipo-M's offices.

Is the customer satisfied?

Sound research is the foundation of every action. Depending on your needs and your budget we can carry out research into the image consumers have of your product or business. We perform both market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

And in the beginning there was?

No communication without a strategic plan. And no strategic plan without research. Which is why, for any marketing or communication strategy, equipo-M goes back to basics. First, we determine the goals, target groups and hypotheses. We then combine that with market information we get from research, experience, insight, interviews, et

Everything is communication. Communication is everything.

Marketing, websites, web texts, a press release, even objects can communicate. And everyone comes into contact with them daily. The thing is to efficiently and effectively deal with these daily contacts. And that's where equipo-M can help. We professionalise your communication so that your organisation or product glows. We draw up plans so that we can work strategically. Focused on results and using communication tools that are right for you.

Good plan.

Finally, equipo-M doesn't just implement. We also like to plan. We can plan your marketing, your communication and also your media.